Lot of 6pcs: NEW STEREO Amp. Speaker for MP3 Walkman CD Portable DVD Blu-Ray Player LCD TV PC

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Lot of 6pcs

High quality Dual-Input Computer Speakers

Dual-input so you can plug in your portable electronic's output cable to this pair of great PC speakers with no need to unplug the set that is plugged into the PC.

Sounds much better and 2 times louder than most standard desktop speakers
Provides significantly richer and louder sound than notebook PC's standard speakers.

Product Description:

It can be use for MP3 Player, Portable Music Player, Laptop PC, as well as regular Desktop Computer (Macintosh, Windows 98/2000/XP/VISTA/7)

Dimensions for each piece:

    Wideth - 5 1/8 Inch
    Height - 9 1/8 Inch
    Depth - 4 1/8 Inch

       Weight: About 6lbs


    DC Power Input (110VAC adapter included)
    Standard stereo input with standard 3.5mm PC audio cable included.
    mini portable electronics L/R inputs


    110V UL approved safe AC power adapter
    3.5mm audio cable
    Internal speaker cable


    Impedance: 4 Ohm
    Input Sensitivity: 100mV
    Frequency Response: 80- 20kHz
    Speaker Type: Magnetic Shielding 4" full range
    AC Power Adapter: UL & cUL certified 12V output @ 1.2A / 120V 60Hz Input

Dimensions for each piece:

    Width - 5 1/8 Inch
    Height - 9 1/8 Inch
    Depth - 4 1/8 Inch