Mix Lot 80: NEW 19" SATA 3.0 6Gb/s (40x 90-degree+ 40x Straight) PC Data Cables

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Lot of 80pcs

Assorted SATA 3.0 data cables with safety locking latch

~ All genuine factory sealed cables from major motherboard companies ~

High quality cables, not cheap cables

You are getting 40 bags of genuine high quality SATA 3.0 data cables.  There are 2 cables in each bag.  Each bag has one 90-degree and one straight SATA data cable.   All connectors have safety locking latch on them so once it is attached, it is secured and won't fall off like many cheaper cables out there.

So you get total of 40pcs 90-degree SATA data cables and 40pcs straight data cables

Cable Length: 19 inches

Maximum speed: 6Gb/s

Compatible with SATA I II III