Wholesale 1500pcs PC Hardware Kit: ATX Case Screws, Slot Covers, Stand-offs,Foot

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1500pcs Kit:
PC Case Hardware Screws, Slot Covers, Standoffs

These Screws,  Standoffs, PCB Spacer, Slot Cover may all be used for  Tower Case.

Item                             Description

2x Plastic stand offs      : to install the motherboard onto the case
1x PCB spacer             : to support the motherboard where case punch ups are not present
8x Screws                    : to fasten the motherboard to the computer case (can be used for hard drives also)
4x Screws                    : for CD-ROM and floppy drives
8x Screws                    : screws for hard drives
1x Slot cover               : to cover unused open slots
4x Rubber feet             : to prevent scratching the desks or tables on computer case
(+ 7 plastic cover )
2x  Long Screw               : long screw.
1x PC Case screw            : to close case or for power supply.                        : 

Each bag comes straight from factory it contains 38pcs in each bag, we are including 40 bags per listing totaling 1520pcs .  We are stating on the title 1500pcs  just to accommodate possible factory accuracy discrepancy