Delta RPS-600-1 A REV:00 600W Redundant Power Supply for 5U Rackmount Server RPS

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ENLIGHT EN-8309964 2X 300W Redundant Power Supply for 5U Rack Mount Chassis

Enlight Item# 83099C4A1

Redundant Power Supply Made by Delta Electronics, Inc Model: RPS-600-1 A REV:00

Original power supply for Enlight EN-8950 server case
Includes 2pcs Delta Electronic 300 Watts Power Supply Module Model# DPS-300AB-1 B REV: 00


  •     Dimensions: 13" x 7" x 3"
  •     Input range: 100-240VAC auto range , single phase
  •     Frequency: 47-63Hz
  •     Input current: 7A max. @115VAC, 3.5A max. @230VAC, full load
  •     Inrush current; not exceed 60 amps peak at 100 vrms input voltage, measured at cold start
  •     Efficiency: 63% min, at low line 110/220 VAC full load
  •     EMI/EMC: FCC Part 15J Class B, CISPR22/EMC directive 89/336
  •     Maximum power: 300 W Max
  •     Output: 5V @ 31A, 12V @ 8A, 3.3V @ 12V, -5V @ 0.3A, -12V @ 0.4A, +5VSB @ 0.8A
  •     Hold-up time: 16ms min, at maximum o-p (300w) 100v, 50Hz
  •     O/P rise time: less than 100 ms (10% ~ 90% of 0/p Voltage)
  •     Short circuit protection: all outputs short to ground should not damage the power supply
  •     Over current protection: Single power supply operation
  •     Leakage current: 0.75mA at 100 Vac/60Hz
  •     Power good: the unit has an active high TTL compatible signal capable of sinking 5mA and sourcing 200 uA. This signal becomes active within 100
  •     ~ 500 ms from +5V output reaching steady state. It become inactive at least 1 ms before +5V drop below 4.75V
  •     Operation n temperature: 5-40C
  •     Storage temperature: -20-60C
  •     Humidity: 5-95% RH

Power Connectors:
1x 24pin ATX
1x 20pin ATX
1x 6pin AUX connector
1x 4pin P4 connector
11x 4pin Molex connector
2x 4pin Berg connector (floppy)
1x 10pin
1x special 2pin connector
1x special 6pin connector