HIGH POWER® HP-1200-G14C-GOLD 80 Plus Gold Certified 1200W ATX Power Supply (Engineering)

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  • Engineering demo unit with all native built-in cables & connectors -

    * Limit 1 per dealer (Note: this is not a modular cable production version) *


  • 1200 watts Industrial Grade 24/7 Power Supply
  • Intel ATX12V V2.3 compliant
  • SSI EPS12V V2.92 compliant
  • Quad +12V Output Rails - Four independent + 12V output rails ensure safe and stable operation under heavy operation.
  • Active PFC for reduced harmonic distortion
  • Full range AC input with automatic AC input voltage selection
  • RoHS Compliant Lead-free - made with all hazardous-free components
  •  Fan Delay Off feature:  After the system is shut down, the cooling fan continues to operate until components inside are properly cooled


Power Connectors:
1x 24-Pin Main Connector
1x 4+4 12V Connector
1x 8-Pin 12V Connector
4x 6pin PCIE Connector
4x 6+2 PCIE Connector
3x SATA Connector
3x Molex Peripheral Connector
1x Floppy Drive Connector



Rave Reviews (for the production modular cable version)

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The 1200w Gold comes in a very unique package. I have not seen a power supply box like this one before. I like it. This is the first power supply that I've been able to see without opening the box. The power supply and cables are secure in a plastic bubble case, so this provides the protection it needs.