HIGH POWER® HP-750-LED 750-Watt 120mm LED Fan 80+ Efficient Intel i7 Skulltrail/ AMD Ryzen Vega Gaming PC PSU, Quiet Supply

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HIGH POWER® HP-750-LED is one of the highest quality 750-watt power supply units you can buy for your Intel® Core i7 Skulltrail platform systems,  AMD® Ryzen systems with Radeon Vega Graphics, media PC, or high end workstation.  It is highly efficient and thus operates in low heat and does not require noisy high speed fan cooling under normal operation.  Blue LEDs turns on illuminating the fan and the rear of the case to provide visual clue that the PSU is in operation.
® engineers designed this high efficiency unit with a Smart Fan controller to dynamically control the fan speed depending on the internal temperature level.   The result is a power supply that not only dissipate little heat, but operates in extreme low noise.
HP-750-LED is designed to meet 80Plus® efficiency standard to achieve at least 82% efficiency across all load range. 

Standard ATX size to fit in standard tower cases, gaming cases, and most name brand systems
Dimensions: 150(W) x 85(H) x 140(D) mm


        • True-Wattage Rated
        • 750-watt continuous
        • Single +12V rail with 62.5A (750-watt) output capacity
        • Provides typical 85% minimum efficiency at 50% load, 82% at 20% and full load under 115V AC
        • Supports Intel® Skulltrail and Core i7/i5/i3 platform systems.
        • Supports Ryzen 3, 5, 7 based systems with Radeon Vega Graphics
        • Ultra low noise performance without the high cost of fanless model
        • Quad blue color LEDs turns on when the PSU is on
        • Honey-comb rear vent structure for improved ventilation
        • Complete 5*Startm system protection with built-in: Over Current Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Power Protection
        • RoHS Compliant - made with lead-free and hazardous-free components
        • Right-Angle S-ATA connector for extra short clearance application
        • Rocker switch for manual shut-down
        • High standard of quality with FCC, CE, TUVc, and TUVus certification



        Connectors Summary:
        (1) 20+4 pin ATX Main Connector
        (1) 4+4 pin CPU 12V Connector
        (1) 8 pin CPU 12V Connector
        (4) PCI-Express 6+2 pin Connectors
        (1) Floppy Connectors
        (4) 4-pin Molex Peripheral Connector
        SATA Connectors