HIGH POWER® LGA-115x-mITX Low Profile Intel Processor Cooling Fan & Heat-sink LGA 1156/1155/1150/1151

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Designed to support HIGH POWER® Model: mITX-0DB silent mini ITX case, other compact mini ITX / micro ATX chassis, and 1U server cases.


The stock fan that comes with Intel box processor would be too tall to fit in a 1U case or a compact mini ITX case (such as HIGH POWER® mITX-0DB).   

HIGH POWER® LGA-115x-mITX has a height clearance of only 26.95mm to fit in mini ITX & 1U cases.  Although it is lower profile than the stock Intel fan, its large 80mm fan delivers cooling capability that is not compromised.   Set your BIOS to silent mode will enable the fan to start spinning at around 1100 RPM when it would be amazingly quiet.   Noise level remains to be acceptably low during normal system operation.
  • Supports: Intel® Socket :  LGA 1156/1155/1150/1151,   Intel® Core™ i7 800 serie, 700 series, i5 *** series, i3 *** series
  • 4pin PWM Power Connector   
  • Low profile:  only 26.95mm from processor contact point to the top of the fan
  • 12V DC @ 0.12A
  • Quiet Hydraulic Bearing Fan
  • FCC & CE Compliance
  • CPU Socket Dimension Information (standard LGA 115X):
    From the outer edge of mounting screw diagonally to the outer edge of mounting screw - 113mm


    • Quiet 80mm cooling fan on heatsink
    • Motherboard back plate
    • Thermal paste


    Length and Width: 91.99 x 91.99 mm
    Height: 26.95 mm
    Unmounted fan kit height including the screw length: 35mm
    Heat Sink Material
    Heat Sink Weight
    Fan Dimension
    80×80×15 mm 
    Fan Speed
    1100-3500 RPM ± 10%
    Fan Airflow
    11.25-32.89 CFM ± 10%
    Fan Air Pressure
    0.96 - 6.02 mm H2O ± 10%
    Bearing Type
    Fan Life Expectancy
    40,000 hours
    Fan Noise Level
    16-31.4 dBA
    4-pin PWM
    Net Weight