Power Supply for Dell Studio XPS 435MT N250K J860K DPS-360FB-1A PS-5361-2 PC PSU

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Replacement power supply for Dell Studio XPS 435MT N250K J860K DPS-360FB-1A PS-5361-2 PC

400-Watt Quiet Aftermarket Upgrade Power Supply.
Replace Dell Original 350W, 300W , or 250W

Compatible Dell Models:

  • Dell XPS 435MT 400 410 420 430
  • Dell Inspiron 518, 519, 530, 531, 537, 540, 541, 545, 546, 560, 570, 580, 620 Mini Towers
  • PS-6351-2 N250K J860K DPS-360FB-1A PS-5361-2

  • Enhancements:

      400 Watts Maximum Output Capacity
      Supports PCI-Express video card
    Supports up to four (4) SATA drives
      Very quiet operation with smart fan speed controller built-in
      I/O Switch for manual shut-down
      Built-in Electrical Safety Protection
      High standard of quality made completely with hazardous-free components -

    Hexavalent chromium-FREE
    PBDE flame retardants-
      RoHS Compliant - made with hazardous-free components
    RoHS is the Restriction Of the use of certain Hazardous Substances in electrical and electronic equipment. This has been a standard in Europe and is now becoming a standard in the world. Not only lead, but cadium, mercury, hexavalent chromium, polybrominated biphenyl (PBB), and polybrominated diphenyl ether (PBDE) flame retardants are limited as well.

    Connector Summary

    Connector Name Quantity
    motherboard main connector


    Peripheral Power Connector 3
    Floppy Drive Power Connector 1
    Serial ATA Power Connector
    (90-degree type to fit in tight corner)

    4-pin ATX12V Power Connector 1

    8-pin ATX12V Power Connector

    PCI-Express Power Connector
    (for PCI-EXPRESS video card)


    Quiet with standard Automatic Fan Speed Control (AFCTM) feature: The power supply fan speed is regulated in reference to its internal temperature sensor. Our special low-friction fan turns slowly at low temperatures, reducing powerconsumption and greatly reducing fan noise. Conversely, the fan is allowed to spin up its speed in response to temperature increase. The fan speed ranges roughly from 700 RPM to a full speed of 2800 RPM.The AFCTM feature, in general, extends fan life, cuts down energy consumption, and reduce the chance of over-heating.

    Built-in Protection:

    Input Protection
    In primary circuit of the power supply , a protected fuse is inserted. Only internal fault of the power supply will cause the fuse to be blown.

    Output Protection
    Over Voltage Protection: The +5V/+12V/+3.3V DC outputs are protected against the over voltage condition . Maximum value can't be over 6.8V at 5V terminal ,15.6V at 12V and 4.5V at 3.3V.
    Over Power Protection: As a protection against excessive power delivery due to output short circuit or over load usage, this power supply can electronically limit the output current to not surged to exceed 60% of its designed output power.
    Short Circuit Protection: Short circuit placed on any DC output will shut down all DC outputs and latch. After that, the unit may need to be removed from system or unused for some time before it can be used again.
    Over Current Protection: Current protection is designed to limit the current to ensure the system operate within safe operating conditions. The recommended over current protection scheme is for the power supply to latch into the shutdown state. After that, the unit may need to be removed from system or unused for some time before it can be used again. The setting of over current protection for each output rail is as following: +5V is less than or equal to 50A , +3.3V is less than or equal to 60A,+12V is less than or equal to 40A.