Infrared Drive 4Mb FIR 5-Pin Cable

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New Contact-less Secured Data Transfer
Point & Transfer Data Immediately
No pairing required

The Infrared Drive's transfer speed, with the standard IR cable, is already at 115.2kbps which is the maximum serial cable transfer speed.

If your motherboard provides support for 4 Mbps FIR (Fast Infrared), the Infrared Drive can deliver up to 4Mbps data transfer speed with the use of the FIR cable.

How fast is 4Mbps ?  It is over 30 times faster than the standard serial port data transfer rate !


1 VCC Red +5v, power
2 FIR Green FIR data receive
3 IRRX* Yellow IR data receive
4 GND Black System GND
5 IRTX White IR data transmit