Lot 10: 4-pin Replacement Internal Speaker Buzzer Cable for Computer Motherboard

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Plugs into any Motherboard with the 4 pin speaker header.

Length of cable : 16.5"

High Quality Buzzer connects to motherboard's standard 4pin speaker header port. 
This is NOT a speaker this is solely for troubleshooting and as a diagnostic tool. You may have noticed that when you first turn on your computer, it emits a short, single beep. This beep does more than tell you that you just turned on your computer. That single beep is actually a beep code that tells you everything is OK with your PC. Working in tandem with the motherboard, the internal speaker will emit a series of beep codes both long and short and also steady and intermittent to indicate to the troubleshooter what the source of the error is.

On the motherboard     --------    on the Case

SPEAKER 4 Pin hole Speaker