Mini ITX Silent HTPC Fanless DIY Empty Desktop Black PC Case, 2x Front USB 2.0

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INCLUDED: Internal CMOS buzzer to connect to motherboard's speaker port (as pictured)

NOT INCLUDED (you get what's exactly pictured only) :  

    AC-to-12V Power Adapter  ,

    90W 12V DC-to-ATX PC Power Board,

    VESA monitor mounting screws

Case dimensions: 246mm x 61mm x 189 mm

Mini ITX is a small standard physical form factor that is one size smaller than Micro ATX.  There are many mini ITX motherboards available in distribution and yet they are being built using micro ATX cases which does not effectively utilize its small footprint.  

HIGH POWER® mITX-0DB is virtually the smallest chassis you can buy that will work with any standard mini ITX motherboard.  Best of all, the high efficiency power supply solution provided does not require any cooling fan, making it a complete silent solution.  When installed with a fanless CPU/motherboard combo, your system will be truly 0db.   That is why there is a highly visible blue LED ring around the power switch to provide visual clue that the system is on.    
One of the Smallest Cases You Can Buy ... if you want to use standard components 

Black mini ITX case with 2x front USB 2.0 port and blue LED back-lighted power switchº VESA mount kit integrated for easy mounting to the back of a VESA-compatible monitorº

Application: Smart mini PC, Industrial Embedded System, POS/POI, KIOSK, DVR, CCTV, Car, Boat, PC , Thin Client, Set Top Box, Firewall, Banking Terminal, Transaction Station , ATM, NAS, Web Payphone and Terminal Platform ,etc. 
  • Long life and low maintenance - With no fan blowing to bring dust inside
  • Silent and light weight
  • Drive bracket holds one 2.5" drive
  • Case dimensions: 246 x 61 x 189 mm
System Installation Tip:

1. Remove the drive bracket 

2. Install your mini ITX motherboard and
DC-to-ATX PC Board (available)
3. Install your hard drive (or SSD drive) onto the drive bracket
4. Install the drive bracket back to the case
Question & Answer:
Q: What kind of hard drive does it support and does it support SSD ?

A: 2.5-inch form factor hard drive or SSD drive are supported.