NEW 400W Upgrade Supply w/PCIE,Molex Power for Dell MiniTower Desktop PC MT Case

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Dell P/N: 053N4, Dell P/N: 9D9T1, Dell P/N: D3D1C, Dell P/N: GVY79, Dell P/N: YC7TR, Dell P/N: AC265AM-00, Dell P/N: H265AM-00, Dell P/N: F265EM-00, Dell P/N: L265AM-00, Dell P/N: L265EM-0, Dell Optiplex 390, Dell Optiplex 790, Dell Optiplex 990, Dell Optiplex 980 MT, Dell Optiplex 3010, Dell Optiplex 7010, Dell Optiplex 9010 Dell Dimension 4700

Note: Dell Offers Slim & Tower PC sizes using the same model #. This unit is for the tower version. See last photo for size reference.

This is an aftermarket part that meets or exceeds OEM service specifications.  Advantage over Stock Dell are:

  • PCIe power connector if you want to upgrade graphic card
  • Higher wattage capacity to 400-watt
  • Supports upgrade to a dedicated PCIe graphic card that requires a special 6pin power connector
  • Emergency AC Shut-off switch gives you the option to shut down the entire system in an emergency.
  • AC Power Cord is NOT included because this unit is compatible with your existing Dell power cord.
  • Additional Molex 4pin power connectors to power add-on peripherals such as cooling fans.

ATX power supply with a smart fan which automatically spin up in speed when internal temperature is elevated.   To ensure quiet operation, fan speed is gradually lowered when temperature is lowered.

high quality computer power supply certified by UL/TUV for safety.   It is designed to be a quiet, reliable, and safe work-horse PSU for virtually all desktop PC configurations based on 4pin 12V motherboard.   This is a power supply you can trust that won't reset, freeze, or shut-down randomly.   It is even designed to operate with stability when A/C voltage fluctuates.

  • 400-watt output.
  • Automatic fan speed control with thermostat built-in to minimize fan noise
  • Supports PCI-Express video card
  • Supports up to four (4) SATA drives
  • Built-in Quad Protection
  • I/O Switch for manual shut-down
  • High standard of quality with UL/TUV

Connectors Summary

(1) 20pin & 24pin dual-use main connector
(1) 4-pin ATX12V Power Connector
(4) Serial ATA Power Connector (90-degree type to fit in tight corner)
(2) Molex 4pin Peripheral Power Connector
Support additional chassis fan or graphic card cooler
(1) PCI-E Power Connector for dedicated PCI-EXPRESS video card
(1) Floppy Drive Power Connector

Built-in Output Protection:

  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Power Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Over Current Protection

AC Power Cord is NOT included because this unit is compatible with your original Dell power cord.