NEW 750-Watt Black ATX 12V PCIE Silent 120mm Fan Desktop PC POWER SUPPLY 4/8pin

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Starting May 30, 2020 12pm Pacific Time & for a limited time only:
Buy Now and get free upgrade to a new high efficiency SHARK TECHNOLOGY® 750-Watt black PSU with dual PCIe power connectors on 2 separate cables with more SATA and Molex connectors. New all black Silent Fan operates in even lower noise.

5-Foot Long UL Safety Certified AC Power Cord included.


  • Supply power on-demand up to 750-Watt for new system or name brand PC upgrade application
  • Supports a graphic card that requires single or DUAL 6pin or 8pin PCI-E connector
  • Energy-efficient (up to 80%) with less heat and wastes less electricity
  • Optimized cooling design
  • Long cables to be used in standard or mid tower gaming case
  • All cables in protective black nylon sleeving (area near connectors are left out so each pin's voltage is easily identifiable by wire color)
  • Black casing with black round circular fan guard
  • Silent Fan: automatic fan speed control with onboard thermostat

Connector Summary:

(1) 20+4pin Main Power Connector (supports 20 or 24pin motherboard)
(1) 4+4 12V Power Connector (Supports 4pin 12V or 8pin 12V motherboard)
(2) (1) 6+2 PCI-E Power Connector (on 2 separate line of cables for unrestricted reach)
(5) (4) SATA power connectors (on 2 separate line of cables for unrestricted reach)
(2) 4pin Peripheral IDE Power Connector
(1) Floppy Drive Power Connector

    Smart Design: Cables are long with power connectors strategically spaced out on several cable lines to support various system configurations in standard as well as larger tower cases

Technical Specification:


110V-240V   60-50Hz
+12V1  +12V2
25A      25A

Maximum Power Output: 750W
Efficiency: Typical 80% 70%
Manual shut-down rocker switch
Dimension: 150mm x 86mm x 156mm (the 156mm length is the side that extends inside the case when installed)

        Input: 100-127V AC or 200-240V AC - select-able by switch

Complete 5*Startm system protection

    Over Voltage Protection
    Under Voltage Protection
    Over Current Protection
    Short Circuit Protection
    Over Power Protection