New Enlight Combospy 3.5" to 5.25 PC Case 4-Channel Auto Fan RPM Speed Controller

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Brand New Enlight Model# EN5601500 "ComboSpy"
3.5" TO 5.25" BAY HARD DRIVE MOUNTING BRACKET ADAPTER Integrated with Smart Fan Speed Controller, LCD Display, and Buzzer Alarm
- Micro-controller automatically adjust fan speed according to the temperature sensed by the probes -

  •     Intelligent computer cooler and silencer - adjust fan speed optimally.
  •     Full speed manual bypass mode allows instant maximum cooling.
  •     Fits in a standard 5.25" drive bay while making an 3.5" drive bay in its back available for hard drives with undermount screw holes.
  •     Standard 4-pin power connector with a bypass connector - works with any system configuration with any power supply.
  •     Include 2 thermal sensor probes to detect temperature at the exact spot you need. Micro-controller will automatically adjust system fan speed to minimize fan   speed to 
  •     minimize fan noise while achieving user configured temperature range.
  •     Support 4-fan tachometers input and speed control (up to four 3-pin case or CPU fans)
  •     Built in LCD panel with green color (as shown) backlight to display thermal and fan RPM information clearly in bright or dark room.
  •     4 push buttons on front panel to set configuration
  •     System buzzer provided for system alert

Mfg Part number: EN-5601500
in Factory Original Retail Package

    Works with any chassis and either Intel or AMD based system

Design Concepts meets IDF
(Intel Developer Forum)'s "Air-Temperature-Based Control"

Works with any chassis and either Intel or AMD based system.

User can preset 3 temperature range (min, max, and alert temp)
The speed of all fans will be controlled automatically to minimize noise while achieving the desired temperature setting.

Fans cannot be turned off with this unit, but can be run at full speed by de-selecting to monitor the fan on the display control (see manual)
The controller monitors input from both temperature sensors and act according to the higher temperature readings of the two.
COLOR: Face plate color is beige with silver accent as shown on the retail box picture. LCD backlight color is green as shown on the front panel close-up detail picture above.

    Detailed Installation Manual included.
    Fan connector cables included.
    Length of these cables are long enough to support mid and full tower cases.
    Will support up to four 3-pin case fans of any cable length.
    Sensor cables are long to reach anywhere inside the case.

This Combospy controller is already preset to 3 temperature thresholds, T0, T1, T2, these can be adjusted.

Below T0 fan rotates at 50% RPM
Below T0 fan rotates at 75% RPM
Below T1 fan rotates at 100% RPM alert signal
Above T2 overheat alert 100% RPM

In the even that there is an error that is when the buzzing comes into play and is triggered.
When the buzzer is disables then it will turn on automatically if over T2 temperatures. 

Micro-controller IC basedsmart controller with alarm
5.25" drive bay mount with 3.5" hidden bay behind the panel. So you can still mount a hard drive behind !
All cables are long enough for any case in the market ! (Temperature sensor cable is about 20 inches each)
Download User Manual

Note: Fans sold separately. No Fan is included.
Power Source     Standard 4-Pin connector of PC's power
Display     Built- in LCD display
Number of Temperature Sensor     2 Sensors
Monitoring Temperature Range     0 ºC - 90 º C ( 32 º F - 194 º F )
Maximum Number of Fans     4 Fans
Monitoring Fan Speed Range     0 - 9999 RPM (for safety reason fan is never turned off completely)
Maximum Fan Power     1000mA (1 Amp) or 12 Watts Per Fan Connector
Dimension ( W X H X D )     5.9" X 1.6" X 6.1" ( 150mm X 41mm X 155mm )

    Brand Name: ENLIGHT
    Model: EN-5601500
    UPC: 613651570015
     Brand New Condition.