NEW Power Supply Top Mounting L-shape Bracket for Computer PC Power Supply

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  • Provides additional support from the top panel of the computer chassis.
  • Two convex bulbs provide screwless positioning.
  • Two screw holes to allow for further tightening attachment to the power supply unit.
  • Compatible with most models from HIGH POWER®, Dell®, and most major brands.

SIMPLE INSTALLATION:  1. Secure the power supply to the back of the chassis (4 screws)


2. Align the brace to the power supply's two inner holes, and temporary hold the brace with tape.

3. If the chasis does not come with top mounting screw holes, take a power drill and drill the screw into the top panel.  Keep in mind that spacer or padding might be needed to accomodate for the extra room between the power supply and the panel.