NEW RETAIL Inland Pro Sound Speaker for MP3 Walkman CD/DVD BluRay Player TV PC

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Your basic, high-end quality computer speaker has now been made affordable by Inland. Through quality components and manufacturing the Pro Sound 1000 speakers deliver clear, true sound that will make your computer come to life. The Pro Sound 1000 kicks out 20 watts of power and are finished in a handsome beige case. These speakers provide more than adequate power for loud use without forgetting to project dynamic sound. The Pro Sound 1000 is compatible with any computer containing a sound card and all the portable audio devices (such as CD and tape players).
  • 80W amplifier (PMPO)
  • 20Hz-20Khz Frequency Response
  • Magnetic Shielding
  • Volume Control
  • Includes: 4' Speaker to Speaker Wire
  • Includes: 4' Speaker to Audio Source Wire
  • Headphone Jack
Power Source: use power transformer
      AC 120V 60Hz (for USA/Canada)
      AC 230V 50Hz (for European)
Power Consumption: 7W (AC)
Max Output Power: 0.5W+0.5W

Compatible with all desktop and notebook computers with an audio port and portable music devices.