NEW Universal 12V Motherboard Xeon ATX12V/ EPS12V 4pin or 8pin Adapter Cable

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Have a Pentium 4 or Xeon motherboard but you do not have a power supply with the required 12V connector ?

This device will help. It converts a regular IDE Peripheral Power Connector to a special 8-pin power connector for the server motherboard (or detach the sub-assembly to become 4-pin Pentium 4 2x2 12V connector).
Cable length is approximately 34.5 cm from tip-to-tip

This ends plug into
your motherboard's 8-pin 12V connector


This end can be split to a regular
2x2 Pentium 4 12V connector
by simply sliding the connector module apart


This ends plug into
a spare Peripheral Power Connector


Relative item: 20pin-to-24pin Adapter
You can just use this adapter cable to make your existing standard 20-pin ATX power supply work as a 24-pin ATX power supply.