Quad-Core Mini-ITX Fanless 0db Complete Silent 4GB RAM VGA/HDMI NUC Barebone Desktop PC

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Fanless 0db Complete Silent Barebone PC -- Just add 2.5" drive & install O.S.

    Authentic Intel Quad-Core 2GHz Processor with integrated heat-sink (fanless)

    4GB Dual-Channel DDR3 memory -- installed & tested.

    D-SUB/ HDMI Built-in Intel® 7th generation (Gen 7) graphics

    5.1 Channel HD Audio

    LAN (10/100/1000 Mb) -- LAN chip is protected against sudden and violent voltage spikes caused by lightning.

All you need to do to complete this PC is to: add 2.5" drive and install operating system

Complete Kit:

* Includes motherboard driver CD and manual.
* Dual-Channel 4GB DDR3 memory installed.
* SATA drive data cables
* 3-prong UL safety power cord
* HIGH POWER® UL/FCC approved high efficiency AC to 12V DC fanless external power adapter (60W lead-free safe with universal AC input selection - 100-240V )
* Built-in internal 12V DC-to- ATX fanless Power Supply

* 4x rear USB 3.0/2.0 ports + 2x front USB 2.0 ports
* Long life and low maintenance - With no fan blowing to bring dust inside

* Operating System Supported: Windows 10/8.1/8/7 & Linux (Ubuntu)

* Bundle Software: Norton® Internet Security (OEM version), Intel® Smart Connect Technology, XFastLan....

* Silent and light weight - Case dimensions: 246mm x 61mm x 189 mm
* Low Idle Power Consumption: Can be used as an ultra low-power server, home, car or boat PC: Entire system including the power adapter consumes about 11 to 12W with system in the idle state.



  Smart mini PC, Industrial Embedded System, POS/POI, KIOSK, DVR, CCTV, Car, Boat, PC , Thin Client, Set Top Box, Firewall, Banking Terminal, Transaction Station , ATM, NAS, Web Payphone and Terminal Platform ,etc.




            # of Cores: 4
            # of Threads: 4
            Clock Speed: 2.0 GHz
            L2 Cache: 2MB
            Instruction Set: 64-bit

D-Sub, Parallel, COM, HDMI --
Complete with all four types of most used connectors! Packed with a COM port + Printer port + D-Sub + HDMI combo. .


5.1 CH HD Audio --
Supports 5.1 CH HD Audio so users may immerse in the realistic sound effects while gaming or playing multimedia content.

            Internal Power Connector Summary:

                    1 x 20/ 24 pin Dual-Use Main Power Connector
                    1 x P4 12V Power Connector
                    1 x Peripheral Power Connector
                    1 x Floppy Power Connector
                    1 x SATA Power Connector

  Question & Answer

  Q: What is the exact condition of the system I am getting ? Where is it built ?

  A: This system is custom built using brand new parts right here at our facility in California, USA. All parts came either direct from the manufacture or Intel's authorized distributor. There may be very minor scratch on some area due to the difficulty in getting the motherboard into such a small case. Fortunately, the remaining work left for you -- drive & memory installation is the easy part.

Q: How do I mount this mini system to the back of my monitor ?

A: Install the 4 included VESA screws on the back of your VESA compatible monitor. Then simply align the center of each integrated VESA mount/stand to each screw like how you would mount a picture frame.