Serial Port to IrDA Infrared Adapter IrDA serial port dongle

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Most of the notebook computers and portable electronics are equipped with an IrDA-compliant infrared port. So if your computer is added an IrDA infrared port, it would open up a whole new way of connecting to all those devices -- wirelessly !

Instant wireless data transfer without finding the right cable for each device. By simply connecting the Infrared Cable to an available serial port (and installing the driver) into your desktop computer, you can transmit your data files and emails wirelessly between your desktop PC and any other infrared appliances. You can tuck away all the unnecessary cables and cradles for your electronic appliances that are already equipped with infrared port, including Notebook PC, PDA, Palm PC, Camcorder, Cellular phone, Digital Camera and so on. There is just no need to use various cables for establishing data communication between appliances that already have an infrared port.

Peer-to-Peer networking without the need of network card. It will bridge the gap between desktop PCs without the complex procedure of setting up a network.

You can replace your hot sync cradle right now if you are using Palm Pilots. Simply beam and hotsync. There is no more fear of wearing out the connector on your Palm Pilot. Best of all, there is no need to pay attention to seat your Palm correctly on the cradle.

Specifications :

  • Enable IrDA infrared Communication.
  • Max Speed to 115.2 Kbps.
  • Step by Step installation with software.
  • No Mounting require. Simply connect to an available 9-pin serial port.
  • Compatable with all infrared utilities.
  • No limit in file transfer Size
  • Use Serial Port, don't need to open case to install it.
  • Package Contain :

  • Link Serial Cable
  • Infrared adapter Head
  • Software diskette
  • Instruction Manual
  • System Requirements :

  • Microsoft Windows 95 or 98, 98SE Only.
  • IBM-Compatible (P166 or faster)
  • 16MB of RAM or greater
  • For Windows 98 users -- A motherboard not having an IrDA or FIR connector. Please double check with your motherboard manual and manufacture.