NEW Upgrade PS for Delta DPS-246AB DPS-246AB A Sony Vaio 1-468-710-51 -11-601-14

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After-market Modified 250-Watt PC Power Supply to work as replacement for
NMB MJPC-270A1 / Delta DPS-246AB / DPS-246AB A
Sony Vaio 1-468-710-51 1-468-710-11 1-468-601-14
...and more (scroll down to see Sony Vaio PC models) 

This solution does not have a 3pin fan speed connector which means you would need to press F1 each time your system boots up to bypass the fan speed warning message.  No worry - This power supply has built-in temperature sensor and a smart fan controller to spin the fan up or down accordingly, depending on temperature inside the power supply case.


(1) 20pin Main Power Connector 
(1) 12V 4pin Power Connector 
(1) Floppy Drive Power Connector 
(3) Molex Peripheral Power Connectors

AC Power Cord is NOT included, however it is compatible with your original power cord