Titan 80mm PWM/4pin/3pin PC Case VGA Cooler Cooling Fan w/ Shock Absorption

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92mm PWM Silent PC Fan with Nine Massive KUKRI-Shaped Blades Long-Life Z-Bearing
on 80mm Frame

If your chassis requires a 80mm fan but you want a stronger fan than the regular 80mm fan, this is the solution. Not only do you get an oversized 92mm fan on the housing, but this is an exceptional Kukri fan that provides strong air flow.

To prevent the over-heating problem for your computer, TITAN introduces the newly innovative KUKRI fan, TFD-9525H12ZP/KU(RB). Its name originates form a symbolic weapon for Gurkha regiments and the Nepali Army which represents the courage of the bearer in the battlefield. The nine curved blades are designed to produce stronger air pressure, speeding up the heat dissipation, and maintain a lower noise level at 10dBA.

Accessories Included:

  • Includes Molex peripheral power connector adapter cable in case you don't have an available 3 or 4pin connector
  • Includes Shock Absorption Installation Nails
  • Includes installation screws should you choose not to use the Shock Absorption Installation Nails

Nine massive kukri-shaped blades
Nine massive kukri-shaped blades generate outstanding high airflow reaching high cooling performance.

9cm silent fan
9cm silent fan remains the lower noise level.

The Z-bearing provides long life-time operation


Technical Spec.
95 x 95 x 25 mm
12V DC
2.88 W
13.57-39.19 CFM
0.016-0.13 InchH₂O
4-PIN PWM function (Backward compatible with standard 3-pin connector. Molex peripheral power connector adapter cable is also included)

60,000 Hours
Fan Dimension
Rated Voltage
Rated Current
Power Consumption
Rated Speed
Static Pressure
Noise Level
Bearing Type
Life T